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’Snouts away!’

Finnish-made, nature-friendly odour ball with a long-lasting effect
Is your garden being visited by uninvited creatures?
In summertime they may not cause such a big damage; in winter, however, when there isn’t much to eat available, then they come to your garden to munch the goodies they can find. In winter elk, deer, caribou, rabbits and brown hare find the delicious branches and stems where plants have stored their vitality during the autumn.

‘Snouts away!’ odour ball prevents your trees and bushes from getting devoured for nourishment by those ‘epicures’.

Place the ball in the tree or bush to be protected, using a durable string/hook, at the ’height of a snout’ taking care of the fact that the ball stays all winter long above snow. The operating range of the odour ball is approx. 25 m2.

’Snouts away!’ odour ball retains its effect from 1 to 3 years.

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